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Our Lord Jesus reminded us that He came not to be served but to serve. He was often found washing feet and serving meals! In fact, someone once said that we are most Christ-like when we are serving in an area that no one (but, of course, Him) can see us laboring! This should be a reminder to us that some of the most important functions in the body of Christ are the ones that are the least “glamorous” and least visible to the majority of spectators.

Such is the case with our Building Maintenance Ministry. We all love clean surroundings, neat and orderly meeting rooms, tidy restrooms, etc., etc. But we all know that they don’t get or stay this way without some very diligent and continuous TLC! One of our deacons, Phil Lorhman, heads up this ministry team and is looking for YOU if you desire to serve the body of Christ in this important and much-needed way. The functions of this team primarily include keeping the main meeting room and office locations picked-up, vacuumed and orderly between meetings of the church in FCC. But it can also include an occasional “work day” where more focused maintenance must be done such as minor repairs and additions to the facilities; touch-up painting, etc.

As in most of our ministries, the Building Maintenance Team operates on a rotating basis so your service can be conveniently spaced depending on how many teams we have signed up. As of now, teams may only have to serve once every month or so. Please join us in this vital area of service!

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