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Children’s Ministry at Family Community                                                                               FCC28  

As the name of our church implies, we consider ourselves a very “family-friendly” church, focusing on the close-knit relationship of the “household of God” spoken of in the Scriptures. To that end, we have a somewhat different outlook than some churches on the teaching and care of our children. First, we want you to know that your children are WELCOMED to be with you from the time you enter our doors until the time you leave—in fact, we encourage it! We believe that Sunday worship is a family practice and that much can be gained by the entire family being together to sing, worship, pray, and learn as a unit.

Secondly, we believe that the Lord has given parents the primary responsibility to teach and train their children “in the fear and admonition of the Lord.”  So, we desire to do as much as we can to assist and support you in doing just that.

Finally, we recognize that children obviously learn at a different level than do adults and often require additional aids to help them grasp material being presented. Therefore, we offer to you and your child age-appropriate handout sheets that include simple illustrations, questions, and fill-ins specific to that week’s sermon.  Parents may go back to our Family Support Center and pick up a copy of this hand-out for your children along with colored pencils and clip-boards at any time prior to the teaching. Then, having this guide in-hand, your child can follow along as the sermon is taught and you will have a handy guide to go through with them when you return home after the meeting.


Of course, we recognize that there are circumstances where it is not feasible for the children to remain in the meeting with the parent(s).  So, if you would like to have your child cared for during the meeting please feel free to bring them to the Family Support Center, specifically designed to care for children 0-3 years old. If you have any questions please make them known to one of our steward staff and they will be happy to serve you.