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8 Oakley Plaza

Troy, Missouri 63379

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We believe that God joins people together for purpose and that God desires us to be involved in His church family, coming together as the “household of God”. Our heart is that every Christian be joined and committed to the Body of Christ expressed in His local church where you are cared for, serve, and are accountable.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Family Community Church, we invite you to attend one of our Covenant Member Courses designed to give you a working knowledge of what we teach, believe, and hold as our vision. Through this class you will be fully informed of our doctrine and practices. This class is a prerequisite for membership but does not obligate you to join the church.

If, after taking the membership course, you desire to commit to FCC, then we ask that you meet briefly with an elder to allow us to answer any questions you might have and to discuss your desire to become a member.

After your meeting with an elder, you will be given time to pray and consider your commitment to the congregation. Subsequently, you may contact the elders (or they may contact you) to notify them of your intent to join or decline membership. Keep in mind that not becoming a member of FCC does not in any way prevent you from fellowshipping with our congregation or participating in Sunday or other activities. It may however limit some privileges and expectations that you may have as noted in the course material on what you can expect as a covenant member.

If you do decide to commit to FCC, you will participate in a public ceremony before the whole church assembly where you, and others who are joining, will acknowledge verbally your commitment to the church. 

Please consider joining us as "Covenant Members" of Family Community Church!