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A Man Will Be Found

Being a "family-integrated" church, we at FCC will rarely engage in age or sex-segregated ministries or activities.  We believe the church as a "family of famlies" functions best when all ages and sexes work together to serve and minister the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ according to their specific biblical functions. 


However, one of our primary thrusts at FCC is to ensure that the men of our church are well-equipped to lead their families and their own personal lives by becoming the "prophets, priests and kings" in their homes.  That is to say, that each man has been designed by God to see and envision as prophets; teach and pray as priests; and rule and protect as kings in the godly domain of their own homes and personal lives. To that end we believe a key function of the leadership of FCC is to help equip the men of our church to do just that.  Eph 4:11-12

We meet as men of the church in a large group once per month to have breakfast and discuss a variety of subjects regarding Christly man-hood and service.  Then we follow up those meetings with smaller "discipling group" meetings where a team of men can further discuss and provide accountability and real relationships around the areas being discussed. 

We have named this ministry, A Man Will Be Found (AMWBF) based on the scripture found in Ezekiel 22.  The significance is that we believe Christ will most effectively be honored and glorified as the men of His church together strive to "build up the wall and stand in the gap before [Christ] for the land.."  Ezek 22:30FCC12


If you are a man longing to make a difference in this world and not just sit passively in a pew once a week on Sundays, AMWBF could be just what you're looking for! FCC30