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Troy, Missouri 63379

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Just as heaven is filled with the beautiful sounds of music and FCC21singing (Rev 5:9, 14:3, 15:3) we in FCC believe that beautiful praise to our Lord Jesus Christ is a key part of assembling together as a church body.              

Since music is just a small part of "worship", we call our music group the Praise Music Team.  Our Praise Team meets once per week usually on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings to rehearse the music for the next Sunday worship meeting.  We have the ability to rotate various members of the music team to accomodate for flexibilty and schedules.  

Our song selection is a good variety of traditional Christian hymns and more contemporary Christian praise and exhortation music. 



 But one common theme exists for ALL of our music - it is Christ-centered and scripturally sound in its content. If you are a musician or singer and desire to be a part of our vibrant and exciting Praise Music Team please contact the church office for more details.  


And please don't worry if you're not a professional musician.  All you need is a little talent, a little faith and a lot of willingness and you'll fit right in!